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When does my child need their first pair of shoes?

It has to be one of the cutest things when you start to see your little ones trying to pull themselves up and walk. We want to help them in any and all ways we can, shoes are one of these. It can be difficult to know when to get them their first pair, and even when you go to buy them, there are so many things to think about: comfort, sizing, fashionability?! It’s a minefield of questions! But not to worry, we are here to help…

When Do I Need To Buy The First Pair Of Shoes? First things first: when do I need to buy my child their first pair of shoes? The answer is pretty simple, a child needs a pair of shoes when they are walking around confidently. While they are walking around your home, they should do so barefoot. Walking barefoot allows them to feel the ground properly and gain more balance and coordination. However, when they can confidently walk and start to walk outside, this is when they need shoes.

Is Comfort Key? One thing you need to think about is comfort. Good quality shoes are needed in order to properly support the growth of your toddlers feet. If the shoes don’t fit correctly, they can restrict growth. The shoe needs to be flexible, have good cushioning and ventilation. Also, going for velcro over laces is a good idea for ease of putting them on and taking them off! However, laces are great where a child has a particularly slim ankle or where good ankle support is needed, e.g. a Paediatrician may recommend a short boot where a child is slow to walk (it is amazing to see what extra confidence this can give to a child taking their first steps)

How Do I Measure My Toddler’s Feet? In terms of sizing, it can be complicated! One way of measuring your toddler’s feet is my taking them into a shoe shop! If you’re local to Marlow you can visit our shop, but most shoe shops offer measuring services for children. Another way of measuring their feet is by following our guide: How To Measure Your Child’s Feet. This is the perfect way of measuring your child’s feet if you don’t have the time to take them to a shoe shop! Don’t forget that on our website there are free returns and exchanges if the measurement isn’t exactly right.

Shall I Consider Fashionability? For fashionability purposes, on our website we stock ‘Pram Shoes’ by Inch Blue which are shoes that are perfect for toddlers who are either showing signs of starting to walk, but are not walking confidently yet or for whom you just want a pair of shoes for their feet. All of these are crafted with super soft, breathable materials perfect to keep their toes warm, and looking cute.

All our shoe ranges have toddler styles, so shop today and aid your little ones with their greatest moments, walking

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