It is really important to us that we ensure your shoes fit as perfectly as they can - because we want your child's feet to remain as perfect as they can!

Developing Feet

Did you know that it takes around 18 years for your child's feet to fully develop? Before then it's easy for bones and joints to become distorted if shoes are ill-fitted and non-supportive. In fact any damage can be permanent - affecting posture and possibly causing leg, hip, back and neck problems, even migraines. The most damage is caused by the most fashionable shoes (think slip-ons, ballet pumps, pointed shoes, flat shoes with no support)...which of course are the shoes our children want to wear. That's why taking care of your child's feet is our number one priority.

Baby Feet

A first pair of shoes is something special and we especially love baby feet. If you come to see us for your child's first pair of shoes we will ask you:

  • Is your child walking unaided for most of the day?
  • Can they walk about twenty paces unaided?
  • Do they want to walk outside?
  • How long has he or she been walking unaided?

We need to make sure that your little one has 'found their feet' - and until then barefoot really is best! Putting them in shoes too early can delay their walking.

Fitting Shoes 

When we fit your child's shoes we're trying to ensure:-

  • A snug, firm fit at the heel
  • Enough room for the toes
  • The widest part of the foot is in the widest part of the shoe 

How Often Should I Measure My Child's Feet?

Your child's feet will grow most when they are little: here's a quick guide:

  • Baby/toddler feet - grow on average 2.5 sizes a year, so we need to check frequently, every 4-6 weeks
  • Pre-schooler feet - grow an average of 2 sizes a year. Checking every 6-8 weeks is a good idea
  • Aged 5-10 - grow on average 0.5-1 size a year, checks every 10-12 weeks make sense (that's once a term)
  • 10+ - less than 1 size a year (phew!), termly checks are still important

Remember, we are always happy to check how your child's shoes fit no matter where you bought them