Back To School – School Shoe Fitting Tips

  • Children’s feet are continually growing (until 14 to 18yrs), so it’s essential to keep your eye on your child’s feet.
  • Top tip – you can check the fit of your child’s current shoes by checking the imprint of toes on the insole of the shoe – there should always be a gap between the imprint and the front of the insole.
  • Worried your child’s shoes aren’t fitting correctly? Look out for blisters or rubbing and how your child behaves when putting on shoes – is there reluctance? Or perhaps they’re refusing to wear socks? These signs could indicate your child needs new shoes
  • It’s essential that next term’s school shoes have a supportive heel cup. This is to prevent pain and postural problems – if the heel is leaning to one side or the other, it’s time to look at new shoes.
  • Whether it’s velcro, laces of strap fastenings, it’s important that shoes are securely fastened to prevent scrunching toes! Look for shoes with a supportive instep (a small bump inside the shoe where the arch of the foot sits).
  • Materials matter, so try to find shoes crafted in breathable and water resistant materials (such as leather or waterproof membranes) to help avert smelly feet and potential fungal infections.
  • Attending a professional fitting? Bring socks and remember that wearing socks with shoes will help prevent damage to your children’s feet (often caused by friction).
  • New School Shoes, remember to wear them around the house before that first day back at school. Best time of day is after 3pm when your child’s feet are at their warmest, remember little and often is the key and the warmth of their feet will soften the shoes (so no endless walking around and around is necessary)
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Back To School - Shoe Fitting Tips
Shoe Fitting Tips for School Shoes

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